Frank Gwartney


Frank is a 2nd generation Alaskan, West High graduate, Viet Nam veteran, retired after 40 years in electrical industry, 35 years working for Chugach Electric.

Larry Bell

Vice President  

Larry is the Executive Manager at National Electrical Contractors Association, AK Chapter, and former Business Manager/Financial Secretary of IBEW Local 1547.

Peg Tileston


Peg served on the Chugach Electric Board from 1983 to 1993. She served Treasurer for eight years and president for one year. During that time CEA went from near bankruptcy to financial and operational stability. She is active in public policy and conservation organizations.

Jean Sauget


Jean has been a resident of Alaska since 1978. She retired from Chugach Electric as a Programmer/Analyst after 23 years, and is a 25-year IBEW member.

Kurt Parkan

Business and Industry Representative

Kurt is the external affairs manager at Donlin gold. He previously worked for the nature conservancy of Alaska and was a former deputy commissioner of DOT/PF for the State of Alaska.

Mike Arnold

Sr. Power Dispatcher

Mike is a 49-year resident, employed at Chugach Electric and has worked 25 years in electrical distribution engineering and construction inspection. He has been working in System Control as a Senior Power Dispatcher for the last 7 years.