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Jim Henderson

You the customer/members are the owners of Chugach. You, the members, our community, and the Chugach people are the first priority of Chugach. Chugach’s greatest strength is being a not-for-profit, member-owned cooperative. We are and will provide the best energy service for all.

Chugach has a motivated, dedicated group of people who make remarkable efforts to get problems identified/solved for you. My goal is to maximize these attributes and make Chugach the most viable, member-centric, trusted energy expert in Alaska.

My career has been in finance & aviation. I have worked in 3 companies involved in mergers. Our team was retained to structure mergers of multi-billion dollar major airlines. Having traveled six continents extensively, I have been given a global view of problem solving from every corner of the globe. I bring that knowledge to Chugach so that we can be better at being the best for you.

We must find ways to provide electricity that lets everyone thrive. This requires creative/imaginative approaches, including the pursuit of all economic funding and generation resources for our future. I bring an agile, creative, risk tolerant and open mind to our table for you.

I have worked on the Chugach Board of Directors for the past 7 years and served on each of the three Board of Directors committees.

I want to continue to work for you on the Chugach board.

Website: http://www.ChugachGreenEnergy.org