The Chugach Reliability Group (CRG) is a non-profit, member-based, advocacy organization which endeavors to help ensure that the Chugach Electric Association, Alaska's largest electrical utility, maintains reliable and affordable electrical power for it's member/rate payers. 

The CRG believes that maintaining reliability and affordable rates requires: 

  • diversification of generation resources with an emphasis on renewable sources, 

  • the ability to meet the electrical needs of business and industry, 

  • dedication to a professional, well trained and adequately compensated workforce, and 

  • commitment to lower rates through energy efficiency.

The group has been meeting regularly over the past several months to update by-laws, formalize structure, create an expanded mission statement and recruit and elect coalition partners to the Chugach Reliability Group board.

In the interest of protecting ratepayers and diversifying our energy sources, CRG has a created a seven member Board of Directors. Four of those seats will be allocated to constituencies that have a stake in utility reliability: 

  • Ratepayer/consumer advocacy and protection, 

  • Conservation and clean energy,

  • Business and industry and

  • Workforce representation and labor.  


Benchmarking to measure performance

Chugach Electric leads Alaska Railbelt utilities in providing efficient and reliable power company in Alaska. Chugach must continue to strive for increasing productivity and lower cost. Chugach has transmission lines that run through a National Wildlife Refuge, State and National forests, State parks and active seismic and avalanche zones. It also owns and operates remote generation and hydroelectric plants.

Renewable Energy

Wind power and other renewables should continue to be part of Chugach Electric Association’s diversified energy generation portfolio. The higher initial capital cost of wind power and other renewables is offset by reducing fuel costs over the long term. Through extensive investigation, Fire Island has been determined to be the most ideal location locally for wind power energy.

Transparency and Openness

As a cooperative that is operated under democratic principals, it is imperative that proper notice and openness be the standard. Directors and members cannot participate in the governance of their cooperative without proper notice and openness.

Labor Relations

The planning, maintenance, operations, customer service, contracting and management of Chugach Electric are all accomplished through the work of its employees. Keeping energy cost low is accomplished through increasing productivity. Retaining and training a highly qualified and experienced workforce is achieved through fair, competitive wages and respect.

To download our bylaws, click HERE